Winter Weather Prediction for 2024 Season

The winter weather forecast for the Lake Tahoe area in 2023-2024 is influenced by El Niño conditions, which are expected to be strong this season. El Niño, a warming phase of the equatorial oceans, has a significant impact on weather patterns. It is predicted that there’s a greater than 95% chance that these conditions will continue into March 2024. Historically, El Niño has been linked to various weather patterns, including increased precipitation and warmer temperatures in some regions.

For the Lake Tahoe area specifically, the forecast suggests a likelihood of above-normal snowfall. Historical data from past El Niño events shows that about 60% of these seasons have produced above-median snowfall near Palisades Tahoe. Moreover, the snowfall season might extend later into the spring than average, particularly from December to January, which historically has the best chance of being above the median for snowfall.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac further supports the prediction of a cooler and wetter winter for the region, with above-normal mountain snows. The coldest temperatures are expected in early and late November, early and late December, and late January. The stormiest periods will likely occur in early and late January, early to mid-February, and mid-March.

It’s important to note that while these forecasts provide a general idea of the expected weather, they come with a degree of uncertainty, and actual conditions may vary. Weather forecasts, especially long-term ones, are subject to change based on evolving atmospheric conditions​