We were staying at LT Vac Resort which is next door to the marina. Boarding was easy and Captain Clark and Crew were very helpful. After boarding, we went to top of the boat to enjoy the views. Weather was in the high 50’s, Sunny and the only time a light blanket was needed was while moving fast. Blankets are provided. Water was smooth and very little wind. (The next day’s winds were hitting 60mph). Crew was visible if help was needed, but they gave you the space needed to just enjoy the day. The 60 year old Safari Rose still held its elegance and history from bygone days. There were 59 people sailing on the 80’ boat and it was not crowded. Cruising through Lake Tahoe and the beautiful Emerald Bay. Fannette Island is bigger than it looks & beautiful up close. The Tea House proudly still sits at the highest point. We had taken the hike down to Vikingsholm the day prior & saw it from there. There’s a few places of interest in Emerald Bay. EB once was a glacier hundreds of years ago & after melting EB was formed. So much history and information given throughout our tour. Great 3 hours on the water. Highly recommend